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September 05, 2007



I say if you're covered in paint or ink then it's proof you've been creative! Love the dresser, by the way.


marah johnson

Ha! I saw her post also and am dying to use my cans of paint i am hoarding by the dozens! Love the cabinet.


I love this look- I spray painted some tiny forks gold a while ago and the paper they were laying on was terrific- if i must say so myself!

mary w

Oh no-now you've done it- I've been trying of think what to do with some HUGE flat files I have in my studio-they are ugly industrial gray-they weigh a million pounds - I can totally see doing this to them-I'd just have to mask off the walls around it. Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Cassandra Russell

This looks like so much fun! I have some extra cans kicking around that I will have to put to use! Cheers, C.

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