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February 28, 2012



My favorite time to doodle is while enjoying a coffee at Starbucks.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Sarah Martin

I love to doodle while watching television. And! I can totally pay attention to both! :)

Linda Hartzig

I can doodle almost anytime I feel the urge. Thanks for the tutorial going try that.


Thank you so much for the tutorial! I've never thought to try Collage Pauge with foils! I doodle while watching TV. Thanks for the chance to win!


I doodle during staff meetings - ha ha, how cliche is that?

Thank you for the giveaway!

Sandy Zeboski

I have 30 min of peace between coming home from work and my kids arrive home from school. This is when I doodle.

Cynthia H

I have a chronic illness and I love to doodle when I need to lower my stress levels or distract myself from pain.

Carol B

I love to doodle while watching TV!

Carol B

Linda Kinnaman

I like to doodle when I am listening to someone talk or in a very long meeting.

Beth Ridenour- Artful Path

I doodle when the house is quiet. I usually see something in a magazine that puts an idea into my head and I go on from there.


Ha! My favorite time to doodle is when I'm on the phone and have been put on hold waiting for a real person to talk to.


My favorite doodle time is while watching tv with my husband.


My fav doodle time is evening with my kids! Go ART!!!

Barb Javersak

I am retired and I can doodle whenever I want. I doodle a lot when watching TV or surfing the web. Anytime is the right time for doodling if you have all the free time like I do.
Doodling is relaxing and everyone needs relaxation in their daily lives.

Jen Minnis

I love to doodle in the evenings when I'm winding down for bed. it helps me open up and be more spontaneous with my drawings/doodles... and helps me disconnect the mind for bed time.

Kim Zelenak

I doodle just about everyday Anytime is my time! I get list in the moments of creativity


I am an early bird and love getting up early in the day to have some quiet time to myself. It works great for us because my husband is a night hawk. While he sleeps in, I have an opportunity to do any "art" that works for me. So ... my favourite, uninterrupted time to doodle, is at five or six in the morning.
Thank you for this opportunity. The products are amazing.


My favorite time to doodle is....never, which sounds weird considering the connection to The Bautista book. Here's the deal: I'm so critical and serious so much of the time that I fear doodling and it not being perfect. I'm hoping to let go of that fear and to be looser and more playful!


I would love to win a set of these! I have a lot of favorite times to doodle, my muse always hits in the evening and also anytime I'm waiting, at an appointment, picking up my kids, I always have a sketchbook with me!


Love the Foil tutorial, thanks for sharing! My time to doodle is any time I have a free moment. But I probably do most of my doodling daily while watching TV with my husband. Been doing this for over 2 years. Can't say I watch TV as intensely as I used too. But boy has my artist voice been pushing itself forward.

Mary Ann Hurt

My favorite time to doodle is when I'm watching TV in evenings


Like you the phone seems to trigger my doodle bug. Great tutorial, love the idea.

Louise Dubord

Me too, it's while I am on the phone. I don't even realise it and have doodled on important papers by mistake!

Francine  Groulx

For me too it's when I'm on the phone and I even keept some...LOL!


In the morning when I've opened my studio blinds and have the first cup of coffee, heaven!

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